Who we are

Spiranca Diving Center is the first certified diving center opened in Sarande,offering various services starting from snorkeling,to diving,fishing tours,and diving trainings.

With a great friendly staff and modern equipment we are always trying to win the race to time when it comes to being always a step ahead of the others.


Explore the beauties of the Ionian Sea shores while snorkeling with us.Equipment and assistance provided

Scuba Diving

Benefit from the lastest equipment we have and enjoy your instructed dive to different wrecks and caves all around the Ionian Sea

Boat Tours

Lets get on one of our boats and enjoy the beauties that the Ionian Sea has to offer. Fishing tours are also quite possible,all equipment provided.


We provide:
-Open Water
-Advanced Open Water
-Rescue Diver
All courses are certified by CMAS and WASE

Meet our team


Saimir Kushova

Founder - Diving Instructor
With an outstanding experience of 20 years as a Diver (CMAS/PADI) certified,Saimir will be more than happy to be your instructor and make your diving amazing!

Tamash Hollo

Tamash is our certified (CMAS.PADI) instructor with an experience of 8 years.He is always happy to help and assist you trough your next dive!

Our Diving Points

We take diving into another level.You can choose between 9 different shipwrecks,2 underwater caves and 3 different spots where you can dive and visit rock formations and the wonderful underwater life that the shores of the Ionian Sea have to offer

Inside the Bay of Saranda there lies an Italian cargoship. It was sunk during the II World War by German Bombers on their way back from an attack on the Balkans The vessel lies on its port side on the sandy bed at a maximum depth of 18m just 300m away from the shore. At the shallowest point the ship is just 3m form the surface and is marked with a bouy. The ship is roughly 115m long. Visibility underwater is good about 20m.
“Antonio” was a passenger and vehicle ferry,accidentally sunk on 2000 due to an engine failure. During the years,the wreck is divided in two parts. One of the parts lies at 35m under the surface while the other one has gone further down to 50m. During the accident there were also two cars on the board of the ferry.Both of them are found today at 25m depth. The visibility is nearly 30m.
“Votrus” used to be a fishing ship,accidentally sunk during 1970.Located near the Saranda bay,it makes the second sunk ship within this bay,lying at a depth of 18 meters to a maximum of 30 m. The ship is 60 to 70m long and visibility is 20m.
Sunk in 2002 as part of a project to create an underwater park by the albanian government,the 6 wreck albanian navy ships,create today one of the main attractions to the people interested in diving around here.4 of those ships lie at a depth of 18m while the other 2 at a depth of 30m.Pretty good in shape,youll be amazed to visit them.Visibility 40m.
Fantastic rock formations and also a small cave can be explored in this beautiful little bay called Monastery Bay (After the Monastery of Saint George located on the top of the hill east to the bay)
The Natural Park of the Blue Eye Spring is a protected park by the government.The extraordinary phenomena of water coming from underground at a volume of 8.8 cubic metres per second is a magnificent thing to be seen from above.We have take it to another level and through modern equipment we now dive into the spring. What you will experience is amazing!

The lake of Viroi is a monument of nature since 1982 located 3km away from the town of Gjirokaster.The lake has a surface of 17.5 hectars but whats importand is that the depth of it goes beyond possibilities to be explored. Called by the natives The Mother Spring,it is believed to have a connection to the famous Blue Eye Spring near the district of Delvine (Sarande). . The rock formations will take your breath away! Visibility is more than 30m.

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