Underwater feels like home

January 23, 2020

Summer looks like its rea;;y shprt when it comes to counting the days.But durinmg winter,we sit back in the couch and look at our cameras and hard drives and the memories of the last summer do never end. There is so many photographs,talking about so many beautiful experiences and so many new friends we made,so many old ones we met again. Such a beautiful life. We tried to create a…

Ksamil Underwater Park

January 19, 2020

In 2002,the albanian government started a project in order to create an underwater park. As of its importance and the high number of tourists visiting it,Ksamil was chosen as the exact point where this project should have taken place. There is a total of 6 naval ships used by Albania on the previous years that were chosen to be sunk in order to create the park. Previous Next The 6…

Absolutely amazing and fun group today! Yet another hot day,and yet another dive. A new not experienced group decided to dive today and see the rock formations of the monastery bay. Absolutely amazing experience and so good to be their company today! Below as always we are uploading some pictures.Dont forget to check ours social media for more. Previous Next

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees it is almost impossible to stay away from the water. What else could be better then a dive in fresh water to explore the beauties that Saranda has to offer? Below we are uploading some more pictures from our last dive at the Monastery Beach Bay and the Probitas SS Ship Wreck dive. Previous Next Feel free to contact us and experience something new! You…

Today’s dive :)

August 5, 2020

Todays dive! We shared our day with an amazing group from Albania and Kosovo today.Our guests had the chance to visit the rock formations of Monastery Bay,as well as loads of shipwrecks such as the ones in Ksamil underwater park,the Probitas SS Shipwreck and Tomori Shipwreck that are found inside the bay of Saranda. Below we are uploading some of the best shots we took today,but there is of course…

Viroi Cave

December 11, 2019

After a successful action of cleaning the bottom of the Ionian Sea at the town of Saranda,we decided to do a little bit more and expand our action. Together with a group of divers from Ukraine we decided to travel a few kilometers and dive to clean the cave of Viroi Spring. Many tires and other sorts of trash were taken out from the depth of the underwater cave and…

Phase #3

December 10, 2019

As you are already aware,a few weeks ago we collaborated with a group of volunteers in order to be cleaning the bottom of our sea from all the trash and plastic and other not natural sorts of things thrown there during the years. This is an article about the third but not the last phase of that action! Previous Next

The action continues!

December 10, 2019

As we were happy and content of our first phase of the action taken by a group of volunteers trying to clean the bottom of the sea,we all decided that we should continue to do so,and here it is phase number 2 we are cleaning the little fishing boats port located just by the main promenade of the town. What is worth saying is that after our first action,we did…